Memories of Sewing and Cookery classes at school

I remember learning to sew at High School and the skill has been very useful over the years. The first item we made in Sewing Class was an apron and head scarf to wear in our Cookery class which was know as Home Economics. The ability to make my own clothes was very useful when I first started working as I did not earn much money so it was a great way to save some money.  I found an old dress pattern which reminded me of making my own clothes as a teenager and I am sure I would have loved to make this very cute dress.

This pattern has the instruction sheet but unfortunately not all of the pattern pieces are still in the packet. I had forgotten that sewing patterns did not have any writing on them originally but a number or letter made with holes and holes to show were darts were to be sewn.

To everyone who learnt sewing at school or has done some sewing over the years I hope this brings back some memories. I would love to hear anyone’s memories of sewing or cooking classes at school.

My memories of cookery classes are of a very strict stern lady as a teacher and learning how to set a table, manners and lots of theory before we ever got to do any cooking.  It may have been set up that way as it took us 6 months to make the apron and headscarf in sewing classes to wear when we were cooking. The strict rule was if you forgot to bring your apron and headscarf you did not get to cook.

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