Photos, Slides and Negatives

Taking a photo has changed so much as you no longer have to go to the shop to buy a film then load it into the camera. You would take your photos then send them off to be developed which often took about a week. I remember waiting with excitement to get my photos back from being developed. It was always disappointing if some of your photos did not work out and all you got was a blurred photo. You got your photos back in an envelope with the negatives so you could get more printed at a later date if required. All the photos of my early childhood are in black and white. I found some old black and white holidays photos still with the negative and in the envelope from the developer.

I went on a school trip one year and had the photos developed as slides instead of photos. The slides fitted neatly into a plastic box with a yellow lid. I remember sitting through an endless slides show of someone’s holidays photos and usually the projector would breakdown a couple of times during the show. I took the photo with the old suitcases, photos with negative and round disc for putting your slides in to load in the projector some time ago as it reminded me of going on holidays as a child.




Today all you need is a mobile phone or camera to take photos and you can instantly see if you have taken a good photo. There is no more waiting a week to have the photos developed as you can go into a shop and have them printed instantly.

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