Telephone boxes and Postage stamp machines


Who remembers going to the telephone box to make a phone call as you did not have a phone at home or you were out and about and needed to talk to someone. I came across this Telephone Box in the main street of a town I was visiting and could not resist taking a photo. It did not have a phone inside but is was fun to see it as you were walking down the street. Does anyone remember using the old telephone box and feeding the money in if you were making a long distant call or “trunk” call as it was known?

My husband worked for the Post Office as a parcel delivery driver many years ago and one of the jobs he had to do was collect the coins from phone boxes. There was a metal box that the coins dropped into which slide in and out so the drivers could collect them and replace the boxes with empty ones. All the boxes were taken back to the Post Office where someone then had the job of counting all the coins.

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A couple of years ago I came across a building that still had the old stamp dispensing machines in the wall. The building was no longer used as a Post Office but someone had thought to keep this bit of history. I remember buying stamps from these machine as it meant you did not need to line up in the Post Office and you could buy stamps out of business hours.

Who remember using the telephone box or stamp machines?

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