Monday was Washing Day

When I was a kid growing up I remember Monday was always the day Mum did the washing. She had an enamel bowl which she would fill with hot water to melt the starch pellets so she could starch some of our clothes, tablecloths and tea towels. Tuesday was usually spent ironing as if you starched clothes they needed to be ironed to get out the creases. Mum would sprinkle the clothes with water when ironing them to help get out the creases. The cute plastic lady pictured below would be filled with water and the lid, which is her white hat, would be screwed back on. It had some holes in the lid so mum could sprinkle the clothes with water before ironing.


I saw an old copper and hand wringer used for washing at the same auction as the lawn mowers so I took a photo as they are great memories of a time when washing clothes was done without electricity. The old copper looked like a stand alone unit that you built a fire in the bottom to heat the water in the copper. I remember the hand wringer and how you put the edge of a piece of clothes that had just been washed between the rollers. All you had to do was turn the handle so the clothes went through the rollers squeezing out a lot of the water which meant they took less time to dry.


We had a hills hoist clothes line at home when I was growing up but I remember going to my friends house to play and her mum would hang the washing on a long line held up by a couple of wooden posts. There was a pole in the middle that you used to raise and lower the line so you could peg up the clothes then lift it up high to catch the wind to dry them.




The black and white photos are a great reminder of washing day and all the hard work women of that time did to take care of the families laundry. The lady is not my mum but I thought they were interesting photos to share with everyone and bring back some childhood memories.

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