Knitting Baby clothes

By | August 23, 2016

There was a time when you knitted clothes for a baby but it is not done so much today as there are lots of fabulous clothes to buy for a baby that are easier to wash, have lots of bright colours and cute pictures on them. I came across some old knitting books together with a few balls of white Patons knitting wool from many years ago.



The balls of knitting wool still had the label on them and a piece of paper tucked under the label with information about the shade of the wool plus instructions on washing and drying the garment when knitted. This knitting wool was Patons Baby Wool with Nylon Made by Paton and Baldwing (Australia) Ltd. It was Shrink Resist, Patonised Finished, Mothproofed and 80% wool 20% nylon with a picture of a baby on the label. White was a very safe colour to knit baby clothes as it could be for a boy or girl.


balls of wool


The knitting books have patterns for jackets, dresses, booties and bonnets which were all items you would knit for a baby. If you had lots of time you could knit a LAYETTE for a baby which often included a Jacket, dress, bonnet, booties and a shawl to wrap baby in. A pair of knitted booties was a popular gift to make for someone expecting a baby.


I received two lovely handmade bassinet rugs from a couple of Aunties when I was expecting my first child which I treasured and used when the children were babies. I kept these rugs as they wonderful reminders of two lovely ladies who have since passed away.

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  1. Francis

    It seems like you are remembering some old memories as well. Love this. Parents now a days should feel happy to see this as they are so lucky then before.


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