Kitchen Canisters

By | November 9, 2016

I have found a number of various styles of kitchen canister sets from different eras over the past year in Op Shops which are a great look back in time. Do you remember seeing any of these at home when you were growing up?


This set of canister were made by Vulcan and were metal, I think aluminium, with a plastic knob on the lid, possibly bakelite. I think they have been painted and have a transfer label with a cherry put on the front. When I was a kid we had a metal set of kitchen canisters that were kept on the mantel above the wood stove in the kitchen which meant they were very handy when you were cooking.


I love this set of brightly coloured plastic canisters but unfortunately when I found them the yellow one was missing the lid. Mum had tea caddy made in a similar style which was plastic and had a T on the front in the same lettering as these canisters. It was green with a cream lid the same as these which you took off when you needed to fill it up with tea.



These last 2 sets of canisters remind me of a time when brown and orange where the popular colours in home decor. The brown and cream canisters are a set of 4 ceramic canisters with great lettering on the front. The orange and brown set are plastic with lids that are plastic but were painted to look like wood.

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