Hot Rod Diner Jigsaw

A friend could not resist giving me a jigsaw as they know I love the 1950s and doing jigsaws so to find them both together was perfect. The jigsaw was not square or rectangle but a special shape which made it more of a challenge as it is very difficult to do the edge first as that is usual way I start a jigsaw.


I got out my fold up card table which I use to do jigsaws, spread out the pieces and got started. It was fun working on it with all the great 1950s memories of hotrods, records, jukebox, diner and more. I remember going to a cafe and listening to the small jukebox that was at the end of each table. It was a great way to spend some time with your friends.



When I was almost finished I discovered that the jigsaw was to long for my card table as the ends hung over the edges of the table. I moved it diagonally on the table and problem solved so I could finish the jigsaw.


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