Holiday Postcards

I recently went on holidays and while away I found some interesting old postcards in an op shop. The postcards reminded me of going on holidays years ago and making sure I bought some postcards to post back to family and friends while I was away.


The first postcard is of the Flinders Street Station corner in Melbourne from the late 1960s I think. The twin towers of Victorian Gas in the background and Central Station on the opposite corner are no longer there but are replaced by Federal Square. I moved to Melbourne when I left school to work in an office so I remember this corner as I would catch a train every day to and from work. The second postcard is from the late 1970s and features a Melbourne tram.


Some of the postcards I found had a long letter on the back that filled the postcard with small writing. My notes to family and friends on the back of a postcard was usually like the second postcard above with a short note about the holiday.


You could also buy View Folders as well as postcards to send or remember the places you saw on your holidays. They often had pictures on both sides and sometimes a place to write a note to someone you were sending them too.


It was lots of fun looking through the old postcards I found as they show what places where like as some of the things featured no longer exist or have changed.

Today when we go on holidays the mobile phone is an easy way to take some holiday photos and instantly send them to family or friends with a message. I did see some postcards for sale in souvenir shop while I was away so you can still buy them but I guess they are not a popular as they used to be.

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