Datsun 180B newspaper ad from 1976

I found this page from the Sun Herald Newspaper dated August 29, 1976 which was a full page advertisement for the Datsun 180B.

At the top of the page it lists the 1972 Valiant Ranger VH 245, 6 cylinder, manual sedan suggested retail price $3,375 and the 1972 Datsun 180B deluxe 4 cylinder, manual sedan suggested retail $2,820. These prices are a little different to the cost of a new car today and it is interesting to see what we were paying for a new car in 1976.

It tells you that in 1972 the Holden, Falcon and Valiant cost around $500 more to buy than a new Datsun 180B then today which was 1976 these models cost around $700 more that the Datsun 180B.

Also the ad claimed the Datsun 180B is the ideal family sedan for today’s kind of motoring. It seats a family of five in comfort with almost perfect balance of performance, safety and economy. In fact in 1976 Total Oil National Economy Run, the manual Datsun 180B GX produced an overall petrol consumption figure of 41.52 miles per gallon.

Who remembers the Datsun 180B and did anyone own one? This ad may bring back some fond memories for you. It was a popular car in the 1970sĀ and I remember seeing many of them on the road.

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