Baby’s Book of Happy Events from 1950s

This is a Baby Record book which was given to mothers in the 1950s by the State Saving Bank of Victoria, Australia. The first couple of pages have been filled out with interesting information including the date of birth but also it has the day of birth which is something not always remembered as well as the time of birth, the name of doctor and nurse. It is a great record of information for future generations.

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The first page of the book read…

This little booklet is presented to Mother and Baby by the Commissioners of the State Savings Bank of Victoria.
It is sincerely hoped that it may serve to record the healthy, happy unfolding new life, and that Memories herein stored may become increasingly fragrant with the passing of the years.

On the┬áback inside ocver of the book is an advertisement for The State Savings Bank of Victoria which states that…

Ten shillings deposited in the Bank weekly will amount to over 690 pounds in twenty-one years time.

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Does anyone have a Baby Record book from when they were born with some interesting details about your birth?

Share some memories on this page of a Baby book from your childhood or when you had children.

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