An old Slide Projector

In September last year I posted an article about Photos, Slides and Negatives with some memories of when you took photos then sent your film off to be developed into black and white photos or slides.

I recently came across an old slide projector and could not resist taking a couple of photos to share on Born in the Fifties. Our family had one of these slide projectors and I remember going to a Garden Club where they would have guest speaker who would bring along slides to assist in their talk.

This slide projector has a “remote control” pictured at the front. I think the projector we had at home was one you had to operate manually. There is a round cartridge in the machine which holds a lot more slides than the ones pictures in front of the machine.

In the projector is one of the long slide cassettes which takes 36 slides and the arm which makes it move along is out. The round cassette below takes 120 slides so if someone had a couple of round cassettes full of slides you were in for a long session of watching slides.

Leave a comment and share your memories of sitting through slides shows. Were they interesting or rather boring if you were watching someones endless holiday slides? Often there would be problems getting the projector to work which always made it much longer watching the slide show.


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