A Vintage Jigsaw

I came across an old Jigsaw in an op shop for the price of $1-00 so bought it as I loved the look and vintage picture. It was a Majestic Jigsaw with over 1000 pieces, fully interlocking and the measurement on the box was in inches not centimeters. The jigsaw was called The Blue Lake and the people in the foreground have a 1950s look so I am guessing it is from around that era.


It is always a risk when you buy a jigsaw from an op shop that all the pieces may not be in the box. I completed the jigsaw and found that there were 5 pieces missing but to my surprise there were 2 random pieces that did not belong to this puzzle. You can see from the picture of the completed jigsaw below the green gaps where the pieces are missing and the 2 extra pieces at the bottom.


It was fun to do a jigsaw with a great vintage picture and a little harder to do with an edge piece missing but I am always up for a challenge. I will put the jigsaw box to good use as it will make a great storage box for some of my old treasures.

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