A puppy named Bliss

A cute little puppy named Bliss has recently become part of our family. She is a black and tan Australian terrier cross and we got her from a rescue centre when she was about 10 weeks old. Bliss has settled into life at our house very well and it is surprising all the mischief she can get into during the day.

I had a number of pot plants in the back yard and it is very funny to see a puppy running across the yard with a small plastic pot containing a plant in her mouth. I became apparent very quickly that she loved my pot plants so they have been moved to a new spot around the front and away from this cheeky little girl. On hearing a strange noise yesterday I went outside to find Bliss standing on top of her dog house instead of inside it. The chair she used to climb up on top has been moved so this will not happen again I hope.

It is great fun watching her play in the yard and finding new toys for her to play with. I looked online and found some great ideas for inexpensive toys to make at home for a puppy. One idea was a plastic bottle in a sock which has given her hours of fun and another was to cut up on old Tshirt into strips then plait it. I would appreciate any other ideas on toys you can make for a dog to play with from things around the house.

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