A Picnic Set with a splash of colour

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I could no resist sharing this old retro picnic set with it’s bright colours and sturdy suitcase. The picnic set has cups, plates, a lunchbox, thermos flasks and cutlery which all fitted into a slim suitcase making it easy to store and carry to a picnic. The bright orange is a reminder of the bold, bright, colours found in kitchens and home decor in the 1970s.

Picnics where popular for families growing up in the 1950s and 60s as there was not the takeaway food places like today and it was a way of feeding the family when you were travelling without it costing to much money.

Share your memories of picnics with the family when you were growing up by leaving a comment.



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  1. When we traveled anywhere it was always with our grandparents as they had a car and liked to visit various relatives taking us with them. Our Grandparents had a picnic set which they kept in a cardboard box and there are some family photos of us all having lunch at a picnic table in a park with the box sitting on the end of the table. As a special treat Grandpa would sometimes buy ham and mustard sandwiches from a shop which made us feel very special.

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