A Cup of Coffee in 1960s


I found this advertisement for Coffee in Australian Home Journal magazine from February 1964.

The ad reads…

Enjoy rich coffee flavour…less than a penny a cup!

It’s good! The whole family enjoys the flavor of Bushells Coffee Essence. It’s quick! Make it instantly with hot milk or hot water. It’s economical! Less than a penny a cup, so enjoy it often! Buy it sweetened or unsweetened.

So different to the many types of coffee we drink today.

I remember when Cafe-Bar Coffee machines came into the workplace when I was working in an office in the 1970s. The machine was made of white plastic and as an office junior it was my job to fill up the machine and give it a wipe over each morning. To get a cup of coffee all you had to do was put a plastic cup under the dispenser on the machine then turn the handle for Coffee which was instant powdered coffee, then Milk which was instant powdered milk, sugar if you wanted then press the button for hot water.

Now you grab a coffee from the local cafe on the way to work or go out for a coffee during the day.


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  1. Hi Robyn. What a lovely site. I was born in 1959. The coffee ad tickled my funny bone because I remember a friend of my parents had this and I thought it was so exotic and how wonderful it would be to taste it!

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