Monthly Archives: September 2016

Monday was Washing Day

By | September 24, 2016

When I was a kid growing up I remember Monday was always the day Mum did the washing. She had an enamel bowl which she would fill with hot water to melt the starch pellets so she could starch some of our clothes, tablecloths and tea towels. Tuesday was usually spent ironing as if you starched clothes… Read More »

Memories of Mowing the Lawn

By | September 18, 2016

I went to a farm clearing sale auction and saw a couple of old lawn mower. I got out the camera so I could share them with you as I enjoy seeing vintage things that have childhood memories. The first photos are of an old push mower or that is what we called it when… Read More »

Fashions in 1960s

By | September 13, 2016

I also found these wonderful pages of fashion from the 1960s in the same magazine as the Coffee advertisement. The magazine was the Australian Home Journal February 1964 and I remember having a dress similar to one of the styles for older girls.                          … Read More »

A Cup of Coffee in 1960s

By | September 10, 2016

I found this advertisement for Coffee in Australian Home Journal magazine from February 1964. The ad reads… Enjoy rich coffee flavour…less than a penny a cup! It’s good! The whole family enjoys the flavor of Bushells Coffee Essence. It’s quick! Make it instantly with hot milk or hot water. It’s economical! Less than a penny… Read More »

Jolly Jig 63 piece JIGSAW

By | September 2, 2016

MAKING FRIENDS is the title of this Jolly Jig 63 large pieces Jigsaw Made in England. The details on the box are that it is special thick board and all fully interlocking. It is still in the original box with only one piece missing but it is in good condition for a child’s jigsaw puzzle from… Read More »