A cute little puppy named Bliss has recently become part of our family. She is a black and tan Australian terrier cross and we got her from a rescue centre when she was about 10 weeks old. Bliss has settled into life at our house very well and it is surprising all the mischief she can get into during the day.

I had a number of pot plants in the back yard and it is very funny to see a puppy running across the yard with a small plastic pot containing a plant in her mouth. I became apparent very quickly that she loved my pot plants so they have been moved to a new spot around the front and away from this cheeky little girl. On hearing a strange noise yesterday I went outside to find Bliss standing on top of her dog house instead of inside it. The chair she used to climb up on top has been moved so this will not happen again I hope.

It is great fun watching her play in the yard and finding new toys for her to play with. I looked online and found some great ideas for inexpensive toys to make at home for a puppy. One idea was a plastic bottle in a sock which has given her hours of fun and another was to cut up on old Tshirt into strips then plait it. I would appreciate any other ideas on toys you can make for a dog to play with from things around the house.

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I found this page from the Sun Herald Newspaper dated August 29, 1976 which was a full page advertisement for the Datsun 180B.

At the top of the page it lists the 1972 Valiant Ranger VH 245, 6 cylinder, manual sedan suggested retail price $3,375 and the 1972 Datsun 180B deluxe 4 cylinder, manual sedan suggested retail $2,820. These prices are a little different to the cost of a new car today and it is interesting to see what we were paying for a new car in 1976.

It tells you that in 1972 the Holden, Falcon and Valiant cost around $500 more to buy than a new Datsun 180B then today which was 1976 these models cost around $700 more that the Datsun 180B.

Also the ad claimed the Datsun 180B is the ideal family sedan for today’s kind of motoring. It seats a family of five in comfort with almost perfect balance of performance, safety and economy. In fact in 1976 Total Oil National Economy Run, the manual Datsun 180B GX produced an overall petrol consumption figure of 41.52 miles per gallon.

Who remembers the Datsun 180B and did anyone own one? This ad may bring back some fond memories for you. It was a popular car in the 1970s and I remember seeing many of them on the road.

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I remember learning to sew at High School and the skill has been very useful over the years. The first item we made in Sewing Class was an apron and head scarf to wear in our Cookery class which was know as Home Economics. The ability to make my own clothes was very useful when I first started working as I did not earn much money so it was a great way to save some money.  I found an old dress pattern which reminded me of making my own clothes as a teenager and I am sure I would have loved to make this very cute dress.

This pattern has the instruction sheet but unfortunately not all of the pattern pieces are still in the packet. I had forgotten that sewing patterns did not have any writing on them originally but a number or letter made with holes and holes to show were darts were to be sewn.

To everyone who learnt sewing at school or has done some sewing over the years I hope this brings back some memories. I would love to hear anyone’s memories of sewing or cooking classes at school.

My memories of cookery classes are of a very strict stern lady as a teacher and learning how to set a table, manners and lots of theory before we ever got to do any cooking.  It may have been set up that way as it took us 6 months to make the apron and headscarf in sewing classes to wear when we were cooking. The strict rule was if you forgot to bring your apron and headscarf you did not get to cook.

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Remember listening to music in the 1970’s on cassette tapes instead on a record player.

You did not have to worry about the needle jumping and scratching the record and a cassette player was more portable than a record player.

One of the problems with this new technology was the tape would get stuck or unwind and you would have a large mess of brown tape coming out of the cassette.

I remember using a pencil in one of the holes in the middle of the cassette to rewind the tape back into the cassette but when it happened once if often happened again with that cassette.

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I enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles as it is a great way to keep the brain active as you get older. I was thrilled to find an ELVIS PRESLEY jigsaw puzzle recently in an Op Shop with a sticker on it that said complete. I enjoy listening to rock and roll music and Elvis is one of my favourite singers from that era so it was exciting to find the Elvis jigsaw.

It is a 550 piece jigsaw and I completed it the other night. As the sticker on the front of the box stated it was complete I am happy to report.

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In September last year I posted an article about Photos, Slides and Negatives with some memories of when you took photos then sent your film off to be developed into black and white photos or slides.

I recently came across an old slide projector and could not resist taking a couple of photos to share on Born in the Fifties. Our family had one of these slide projectors and I remember going to a Garden Club where they would have guest speaker who would bring along slides to assist in their talk.

This slide projector has a “remote control” pictured at the front. I think the projector we had at home was one you had to operate manually. There is a round cartridge in the machine which holds a lot more slides than the ones pictures in front of the machine.

In the projector is one of the long slide cassettes which takes 36 slides and the arm which makes it move along is out. The round cassette below takes 120 slides so if someone had a couple of round cassettes full of slides you were in for a long session of watching slides.

Leave a comment and share your memories of sitting through slides shows. Were they interesting or rather boring if you were watching someones endless holiday slides? Often there would be problems getting the projector to work which always made it much longer watching the slide show.


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It is time to welcome in 2017, make a couple of New Years resolutions and put up a new calendar. I am looking forward to an great year and hope to find some interesting things to share with you on Born in the Fifties.

It will be an exciting year for anyone born in 1957 as there will be a 60th birthday to celebrate. A great excuse to catch up with family and friends, have a party and lots of fun.

Just for fun I found a few events that happened in 1957 which I thought would be of interest.

Jailhouse Rock the movie starring Elvis Presley was release in 1957
The romantic movie An Affair to Remember starring Gary Grant and Deborah Kerr was also release in 1957.
Old Yeller the sad Disney Movie about a dog was released in 1957.
The Australian television quiz show Pick a Box starring Bob and Dolly Dyer aired from 1957 to 1971. I remember watching this show as a child in black and white on the television.
Australia was the first country to issue regular Christmas stamps each year from 1957.


All the best to everyone for 2017


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I came across an old Jigsaw in an op shop for the price of $1-00 so bought it as I loved the look and vintage picture. It was a Majestic Jigsaw with over 1000 pieces, fully interlocking and the measurement on the box was in inches not centimeters. The jigsaw was called The Blue Lake and the people in the foreground have a 1950s look so I am guessing it is from around that era.


It is always a risk when you buy a jigsaw from an op shop that all the pieces may not be in the box. I completed the jigsaw and found that there were 5 pieces missing but to my surprise there were 2 random pieces that did not belong to this puzzle. You can see from the picture of the completed jigsaw below the green gaps where the pieces are missing and the 2 extra pieces at the bottom.


It was fun to do a jigsaw with a great vintage picture and a little harder to do with an edge piece missing but I am always up for a challenge. I will put the jigsaw box to good use as it will make a great storage box for some of my old treasures.

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I have found a number of various styles of kitchen canister sets from different eras over the past year in Op Shops which are a great look back in time. Do you remember seeing any of these at home when you were growing up?


This set of canister were made by Vulcan and were metal, I think aluminium, with a plastic knob on the lid, possibly bakelite. I think they have been painted and have a transfer label with a cherry put on the front. When I was a kid we had a metal set of kitchen canisters that were kept on the mantel above the wood stove in the kitchen which meant they were very handy when you were cooking.


I love this set of brightly coloured plastic canisters but unfortunately when I found them the yellow one was missing the lid. Mum had tea caddy made in a similar style which was plastic and had a T on the front in the same lettering as these canisters. It was green with a cream lid the same as these which you took off when you needed to fill it up with tea.



These last 2 sets of canisters remind me of a time when brown and orange where the popular colours in home decor. The brown and cream canisters are a set of 4 ceramic canisters with great lettering on the front. The orange and brown set are plastic with lids that are plastic but were painted to look like wood.

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